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Doctors Are Busy. Let Us Get You Face Time.
Your information is valuable, but communicating it to physicians is hard. Mail & faxes aren’t reaching them, portals house thousands of documents they’ll never read, and no one pays attention to banner ads. To save time, cut costs and improve quality of care, you need a better strategy.

At Quantia, We Speak Physician

Physicians want information to be objective, convenient and unobtrusive. We connect them with the content they crave, on their terms, every day. As the creator of QuantiaMD, the world’s largest online physician community, we are experts in physician engagement.

We Put Physicians First

QuantiaMD is built for the modern physician. Well-informed, supported physicians make the best decisions, so we deliver essential information in a format that values their time. With QuantiaMD, physicians spend less time staying ahead of guidelines and regulations and more time doing what they love; taking care of their patients.

Make a Real Impression. Build Relationships.

What if you could spend 10 minutes with every physician you need to reach? By integrating your brand with our community and library of expert content, you can do just that. Using proven mix of social media, game mechanics and engagement science, we package your message so physicians will listen.

Markets & Solutions
Quantia's web-based and mobile platform helps major healthcare organizations transform the way they communicate and collaborate with physicians.

Life Sciences

Empower your sales force and drive brand awareness by digitally connecting with your target physicians.

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Health Systems

Communicate with physicians around shared objectives and influence decisions at the point of care.

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MD Marketplace™

Build your brand and create significant sales opportunities by marketing to physicians in a credible, trusted environment.

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Physicians & Clinicians

Learn from experts, solve real-world cases and collaborate with colleagues on pressing issues in medicine.

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What Physicians Are Saying

Naveen Rajpurohit, MD

Interactive cases on QuantiaMD are changing the way we learn and practice medicine. I can confidently say that QuantiaMD has heralded a new revolution in the way we learn medicine.

Jose Mandry, MD

I can honestly say that QuantiaMD has become one of my main sources of learning and keeping up-to-date in the field of general medicine.

Nicholas Goetsch, DO

Participating on QuantiaMD helps improve my treatment of patients, my practice, and my medical knowledge every day! Everything I need to keep me up to date is in one place - wherever I am, whenever I am ready!

Marc Matrana, MD

Ever since I have come across QuantiaMD, I have used the application on my iPhone on a daily basis. It proves to be an excellent tool to keep abreast of medical information offered in multiple formats.

Paul Blachman, MD

By enabling clinicians to share problem situations and to "compare notes", QuantiaMD has helped buck the trend of mindless algorithmic medicine and has helped restore some of the "art" of medicine.

Veneetha Cherian, MD, FRCSC

QuantiaMD has a brilliant interface, is easy to use and access, and the breadth of topics it covers is amazing.

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